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Bodegas Fin de Siglo

Our wines. Jóvenes.

Ribaguda Tinto

Ribaguda Tinto
The taste of the land.

With the agility of youth and the full weight of tradition. Cheerful, without sharp edges, mature and relaxed. With reminders of the vineyard, the forest surrounding it, the fruit that feeds from the same land. Free and without excesses.

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Ribaguda Blanco

Ribaguda Blanco
The light of life.

Luminous and radiant. Like a ray of sun. Like an illusion. Like a brightness that is reflected in each berry. Only Viura. Only the brilliance of old vineyards, over 60 years old. Only the touch of wood. A true luxury.

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Ribaguda Blanco en la Guía Peñín


Valdeteja Tinto Joven

Vista: Rojo púrpura de capa media y limpio.
Nariz: Potente, destacando los aromas de fruta roja madura como la mora y cereza típicos de la variedad y un ligero toque de regaliz.
Gusto: Sabroso, frutal y ligeramente tánico que le aporta estructura.
Retro nasal: Duradera volviendo a aparecer los aromas de fruta.
Maridaje: Legumbres, pastas, arroces, pescados de carne firme, carnes rojas y quesos.

[Valdeteja Tinto Joven. Tasting]